Kendal ASC is a competitive swimming club and all members are encouraged to participate in competitions; whether that is in our own internal club events, team events or individual open events. See the club Calendar for all Gala dates.

Splash Dash

These are informal galas which provide a relaxed introduction into competing and help to build confidence.  They are aimed at our younger members and offer a taste of the gala environment.

There are two Splash Dash events each year, the entry criteria will be confirmed by Head Coach.

Medals (places 1 to 3) and Certificates (places 4 to 6) will be awarded for all events for each age group.

25m Butterfly
25m Backstroke
25m Freestyle
25m Breaststroke
Club Galas

Kendal ASC hold nine Club Galas throughout the year which offer the opportunity to compete in every event from 50m to 1500m. These competitions are level 4 meets which are licenced by Swim England, British Swimming’s governing body.  All recorded times are logged on the British Swimming Rankings website. Club Galas 1 to 4 also include a 25m event for the under 10’s.

Swimmer’s Personal Best times (PB’s) can also be tracked on the Rankings website.  These times are used to enter external Open Meets throughout the year.

For all club events the swimmers age will be their age on 31st December that year.

Gala 1
Under 10 25m Freestyle
50m Butterfly
100m Breaststroke
200m Backstroke
Gala 2
Under 10 25m Butterfly
50m Backstroke
100m Individual Medley
200m Freestyle
Gala 3
Under 10 25m Front Crawl
50m Breaststroke
100m Backstroke
200m Butterfly
Gala 4
Under 10 25m Backstroke
50m Freestyle
100m Butterfly
200m Breaststroke
Gala 5
Under 10 25m Breaststroke
100m Freestyle
200m Individual Medley
Parents Race
Please note that the 25m events are only open to swimmers aged 9 years and under at 31st December.
Long Distance Galas

Long Distance Gala 1
Gents 400m Freestyle
Ladies 400m Freestyle
Long Distance Gala 2
Mixed 800m Freestyle
Long Distance Gala 3
Mixed 1500m Freestyle
Long Distance Gala 4
Gents 400m IM
Ladies 400m IM
Swimmers must be aged 11 years or older on or before 31st December to be able to enter the 400m IM, 800m Freestyle and 1500m Freestyle events at the Long Distance Galas. To compete in the the 400m Freestyle swimmers must be at least 9 years or older by the 31st December.