About K.A.S.C. and Waterpolo Club

We are a voluntary club supported by our dedicated members to ensure we offer a fun and friendly environment for all our swimmers to progress at a competitive level and at their pace.

If your child enjoys swimming and has completed the ASA levels and is ready for the next step, we would love to hear from you. Please email clubdesk@kendalasc.org.uk

If your child would like to try waterpolo or if your child has had private lessons away from the ASA, feel free to get in touch. We offer all newcomers a free trial to assess their ability and see which squad is right for them.

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Cumbria Age Groups 2017

Kendal had 51 swimmers in the individual events in 2017 compared to just over 30 in 2016, with several swimmers making age groups for the first time. Some great achievements. Boys – 1st places = 26, 2nd place = 5, 3rd place = 9 Relays – 10/12 boys medley 1st, 10/12 boys free 1st Girls – 1st places = 1, 2nd place = 11, 3rd place = 18 Relays – 13/14 girls medley 1st, 10/12 girls free 3rd, 13/14 girls free 2nd

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